Remote Workouts are worthless If you follow them, you won’t hit your goals, can get injured, and likely will be frustrated. What then is the difference between cherry picking workouts randomly and having a coach? Results Time savings Certainty of results Adaptations based on your history Free workouts are worth as much as you paid Continue Reading

In this time of COVID-19 what do you feel, and what you should do now

Energy, nerves, and body on tilt Scared —  Stressed —  Optimistic — words that embody how I feel  Create certainty What if you had a choice in how you reacted, acted, felt, and behaved?  What if you could not just survive but thrive in other aspects of your life…  What follows are some prompts that I have seen valuable and led Continue Reading

How to have a great workout - should you do instagram workouts, mindset, coaching, and stress

There is a difference between a planned training experience that delivers both physical and the right psychological affects. It takes study of human behavior, understanding of (yes) psychology, anatomy, programming, muscle dynamics, your athletes, the season, and more. When I work with athletes I deeply consider all of these factors. In fact, it is my Continue Reading

What is your ideal self? If you could design what is the ideal man or woman, who would they be?

Often I hear, I want to be just like my Dad or Mom. These role models you were raised around gave constant feedback and demonstrations of someone successful. Well, successful by the simple definition of they were still around and able to bring another human into the world. Others see how their parents raised them, Continue Reading

You have trained for days, weeks, months, years, and now we have Peachtree Road Race right around the corner, so how do you crush it?

Questions we will answer: Do you know how much water to drink for a 10k race? Do you know how to tell if you need electrolytes, salts, or food to not bonk on your race? What should your food look like — up to and the day of? The race is here and you have been training. You’ve Continue Reading