Is this you?

  1. You are attending class, balancing life, seeing good results all around but not happy.
  2. Not happy with your performance today.
  3. Not happy with your mood with your partner or teammates.
  4. Maybe not even sleeping well and / or feeling stress across your body.

Is this familiar?

As a Coach and mentor, I see and hear this a very acute cycle that every individual who seeks to better themselves. Specifically I see this downward spiral, that if not tackled, becomes destructive:

  • You identify the need to improve your health
  • You begin by hiring a Coach / joining a class
  • You are consistent and begin to see improvements
  • It is fun and you then begin to tackle your nutrition
  • Now you are seeing more improvements and compliments
  • You begin to sign-up events and end up doing quite well
  • At some point, you decide to ADD workouts
  • You begin to starve yourself w/ very low calories (for that extra push)
  • You start doing workouts that you see professionals do on social media
  • You become frustrated with “not doing well” in a workout
  • You start cherry picking workouts because “you don’t like them”
  • You stop posting your scores, because they weren’t #1
  • You cry, stomp, spit, get pissed during a workout
  • You see your bodyweight as your worth and continue to beat yourself up
  • Now you are stressed, moody, not having fun, and flat out being aggressive to your workout teammates

You can save yourself of course. Unfortunately the advice you are receiving is wrong, while given with kindness, is ineffective. You know “You just need lighten up”, or a version of that isn’t helpful.

Here is what WORKS….

You need to reframe success

When you began training everything was new. That means you ALWAYS saw gains, wins, and every metric is improving. As you gain greater health the numbers move slower! So now we must reframe success:

  • You must see success as the EFFORT in that moment
  • Being consistent
  • Doing workouts / lifts you don’t love (because that is how you fix imbalances)
  • Feel the success of the community and celebrate it together

Ultimately, I work with you and my athletes to BE KINDER TO YOURSELF. The greatest evil is the self judgement. If you find yourself comparing yourself to another or your own self, WATCH OUT. These are red flags.

To be honest…

I have seen professional college athletes see better health, heavier lifetime lifts under my direction, and them happier. That isn’t always the case. I also see folks who didn’t prioritize their health for 30 years and slowly but surely achieve better health everyday.

About the author

  • Coach and Mentor, CrossFit Owner
  • 24 Year technology executive
  • Helped launch clouds for EMC and Cisco
  • GOOGLE, Microsoft FEDRAMP & ISO 27001 — Oversaw / Part of team deploying / Managed Cloud Compliance

James — executive to deliver products to market; author; inventor; speaker, and technologist with decades of experience across all technology and cybersecurity. (LinkedIN to connect and engage)

James is a leader that has balanced product market success with rapid regulations, cyber, customer demands, and supplier challenges at Honeywell, Google, and Microsoft in the recent past. Successful in building large teams and influence driven initiatives that have saved millions in new revenue and savings for Honeywell. Passionate about the product creation process; the value of intertwining privacy and quality together, and the opportunity present through branding and value.

James leads with the Senior Leadership across the globe and partners for critical priorities at Honeywell to identify new innovation opportunities through strategy and practical implementations within the Azure cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and industrial products.

James has successfully grown from zero to $50MM business and brands as a founder, owner, and within the Fortune 200. A track record built with wins and losses, that are always building on his network across the globe with the best technologists and great peers to bring the best talent and resources to each project.

James began transforming the Honeywell supply chain strategy that have delivered efficiencies (reduction of idea to signature) and pragmatic development of partnerships that have expanded our market offerings across Honeywell.

James’ continues to lead and advise on their cloud strategy, cloud innovation, cost consolidation, cyber security, and compliance across the various businesses within Honeywell.

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