We can innovate beyond government rules

I applaud the businesses that have been rapidly developing products and solutions to fill the current market around health and safety. It has been awesome to see the creativity and response by many businesses. In fact, the merits of leadership of these businesses is being put on spotlight. Those who built cultures of creativity and mission based businesses, have released beneficial products — FAST.

Not all rainbows and sunshine

Sadly many businesses got crushed in 2020. Much has to do with leadership. Much has to do with their business model that became hampered. The rest simply didn’t innovate.

I hate it for them. I cannot describe my sorrow for them and their teams. That is worth another discussion, but this isn’t about what could have been — it is about what SHOULD BE / HAVE BEEN.

We SHOULD BE innovating with the same vigor but beyond the guidelines and rules.

Why are we seeing zero innovation in the world? Why are businesses releasing ONLY covid protective solutions and responses. Where is the revolutionary thinking, designing, and tinkering. NOW is the time to tinker and try new businesses. New uses of office space. New concepts around eating.

No, not social distance bubbles and such — but true transformation of the restaurant itself beyond it’s current format. I am proud of the engineering feats of Honeywell developing sensing technology in buildings. It really is incredible the speed and creative solutions we’ve brought to market.

That said — with 60% less flights and 30% less TSA cleared customers compared to last year. Offices empty for 7 months + and statements by leaders in business to eliminate office space working requirements — we can DO SO MUCH MORE! I’d love to see 20% of new ideas and innovation to come in this space. This is where the hockey puck is going if you will allow this analogy.

SCHOOLs — kids in Middle School are living the college life. They have half days and a full day off in many parts of the world. Families are closer, but kids are losing vital social and “kid year” growth. (Shoot, us adults are missing the office space collaboration discussions). Frankly, the whiteboarding is as old as caveman drawings — we were meant to merge thoughts to develop concepts and create. That is an area we can innovate in. You see work from home will end. Influenza ended. Ebola was stopped. Covid too will end, and gratefully it is exponentially less harmful then all the rest. However, what if we changed HOW WE LIVED and thus tackled and eliminated chronic illnesses. Reduced depression and anxiety — simply by improving our health in this simple area!

Imagine the magnitude of good that we can usher into the world by bringing NEW healthier behaviors into our lives.

There are so many areas we can tackle and now — all PATTERNS are interrupted. No better now then ever to put sustainable and joyful practices forward. Is your team, company, community, and country prepared?

RISKY edge

Unfortunately this great reset, a term I coined in late March 2020, can also be used maliciously. You see patterns of good behavior, good social norms, good social behavior can be threatened. It is hard to change bad behavior to good once it becomes a habit, and we see this in pockets around the world.

About the author

  • 24 Year technology executive
  • Helped launch clouds for EMC and Cisco
  • GOOGLE, Microsoft FEDRAMP & ISO 27001 — Oversaw / Part of team deploying / Managed Cloud Compliance

James — executive to deliver products to market; author; inventor; speaker, and technologist with decades of experience across all technology and cybersecurity. (LinkedIN to connect and engage)

James is a leader that has balanced product market success with rapid regulations, cyber, customer demands, and supplier challenges at Honeywell, Google, and Microsoft in the recent past. Successful in building large teams and influence driven initiatives that have saved millions in new revenue and savings for Honeywell. Passionate about the product creation process; the value of intertwining privacy and quality together, and the opportunity present through branding and value.

James leads with the Senior Leadership across the globe and partners for critical priorities at Honeywell to identify new innovation opportunities through strategy and practical implementations within the Azure cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and industrial products.

James has successfully grown from zero to $50MM business and brands as a founder, owner, and within the Fortune 200. A track record built with wins and losses, that are always building on his network across the globe with the best technologists and great peers to bring the best talent and resources to each project.

James began transforming the Honeywell supply chain strategy that have delivered efficiencies (reduction of idea to signature) and pragmatic development of partnerships that have expanded our market offerings across Honeywell.

James’ continues to lead and advise on their cloud strategy, cloud innovation, cost consolidation, cyber security, and compliance across the various businesses within Honeywell.

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