In addition to the 1,000+ articles, podcast, YouTube channel, and key speakings, James also has several published works. Each touches a key need and is built on a foundation of research, experts, and personal experience.

How not to be hackedHow great parents thinkIT Compliance and Controls
I wrote this for my family and friends, as a cybersecurity professional I work with people 30+ years in the industry. I put this together to eliminate the top 95% ways people get hacked
How can I share all I learned being a single Dad raising a daughter after divorce. I pulled together all the studies and research, and shared the hard lessons I took. I wrote this for my friend as he had his first child, and it has been a tremendous favorite to all new parents. Practical and honest. The instruction manual for raising kids we all needed and wanted.

After years of building cyber security programs across the world and showing how businesses should find harmony across the regulations using common controls, I wrote the book on it. This is for those seeking to have a singular view of their cyber security program while meeting / exceeding all regulations and standards. My first book with John Wiley and Sons, and still sought after by Universities