Embracing Your Influence: How to Truly Make a Difference

Making a difference in the world often hinges on the extent of your influence, and the beauty of this influence is that it’s within your control. Your ability to make an impact grows as you build and nurture relationships, enhance your team, and expand your knowledge and generosity. The crucial question, however, is whether you’re Continue Reading

Embracing the Challenge: Finding Good in Life’s Hardships

In my 40+ years of life, 23 of which I’ve navigated independently, I’ve learned a vital truth: life gets hard. This journey often becomes increasingly challenging, and amidst these difficulties, there’s an undeniable presence of bad. However, it’s crucial to recognize that hard doesn’t always equate to bad; it simply means challenging. Consider the arduous Continue Reading

Love yourself, then your life, then you can accept love from others

This isn’t about romance, it can be for some, but this is instead about creating the most happiness in your life. Love is the means — it is the single factor for all successful entrepreneurs, writers, and the most influential people in our history. Love is how we pull ourselves out of depression, toxic relationships, bad households, Continue Reading

How your judging people is killing your relationships and team’s success

Judgement is a poison. It eliminates the frankness and vulnerability gained through honest discussion. It hides problems, and is the source of much grief in your personal relationships. Businesses and product launches fail because you were afraid ‘of what other people would think/say’. Relationships and love are won and lost with the fear of judgement. Continue Reading