Energy, nerves, and body on tilt

Scared —  Stressed —  Optimistic — words that embody how I feel 

Create certainty

What if you had a choice in how you reacted, acted, felt, and behaved? 

What if you could not just survive but thrive in other aspects of your life… 

What follows are some prompts that I have seen valuable and led to healthy thinking in challenging times. My advice comes from decades of coaching, and here framed in this stressful period.

Use your time wisely

How can you improve your life. 

How can you improve your home. 

How can you improve your health. 

How can you improve your relationships. 

How can you improve your business. What can you create — art, story, product, and more. 

Time to make that podcast, record that video, send cards to your family, time to MAKE and DO — your excuses have been removed.

Wish granted

COVID-19 took away your commute. 

Gave you back your kids. 

Allowed you to work in the comfort of your own space. 

Slowed down the world

Neutralized conflict and hate around entitlement and complaints

Reduced us all to humankind — no longer do our borders, nationalities, race, color, or sex separate us

How you use this opportunity is on you.

Take a piece of paper and make 2 columns

On the left side write the heading “What I can control” and on the other “What I can’t control”. Now take 5, 10, 50 mins — whatever you need — to exhaust all the stress and strain in your body. Sort the list a few times so that ONLY what you can control is on the left side.

Now read this list of what you CAN control — and prioritize them by importance/impact (most impactful/ important at the top). This sometimes creates ties and that is OK. No judgement, just do what YOU NEED in order.

Final step — craft actions for the first 5. Put it in your journal as top 5 and act on them right now. You see, what is freeing by this process is the cerebral and emotional recognition that YOU ARE IN CONTROL. It is powerful and freeing. 

Free thyself of fear and hesitation

When you do this right, your shoulders will drop from the released stress; you will sleep like a baby tonight, and you will have an impact that’ll help you appreciate today. Whether you are in lock down in a small apartment or serving the public at any of the million of open establishments. 

Free yourself, by helping yourself, the community, your customers, and family by taking these steps.

I wish you all health — physical, mental, and emotional

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