Remote Workouts are worthless

If you follow them, you won’t hit your goals, can get injured, and likely will be frustrated. What then is the difference between cherry picking workouts randomly and having a coach?


Time savings

Certainty of results

Adaptations based on your history

Free workouts are worth as much as you paid for them

In this day and age, you can google or pull up on social media 1,000s of various workouts for you to do. There are movie stars posting them. There are professional athletes sharing them from their subscription programs. Finally, there are gyms and those in the industry sharing.

Bottom line — you’ll find them. 

The factors that go into workouts that deliver results though have a few SPECIFIC attributes that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Consistent progress — When you begin a thoughtful program on day 1, you’ll slowly and certainly develop strength, healthy range of motion, a capacity for volume, and a joy around intensity. (Hint: you aren’t starting at Day 1 with any workout you picked off the internet)
  2. Develop your joints and tendons — How long should you wait to doing your first kipping pull-up? How long should you do technical Olympic lifts? How long … well, you must spend 9–12 weeks to build load on the joints, among a dozen other things (Hint: When your elbows hurt, your shoulders hurt, or your knees — something isn’t right!)

So many more, but let’s keep it short and simple

What you DO WANT — to hit your life goals

Progressive workouts that bring you through a journey that react to your needs / stress / and need for customization IS the right program for you. This is only possible when — you KNOW what you want.

Chasing the shiny objects is for cats, not people. Here are the recommendations I have for everyone. Who is everyone, well my Uber Drivers, mother, sister, the 1,000+ athletes I have coached, including the kids and villagers in Rwanda.

You need the following, in order of BEST for you:

  1. A Coach that gives you feedback — this can be in the form of regular check-ins, electronic check-ins, or simply someone you can text and get guidance based on your world at the moment. Seek these out, this is the road less traveled because it pulls you above the tree line where you get to avoid the hard injuries and pain of years suffered by others.
  2. Start on day 1 — Find an adaptive training program that develops you from the PLANS day 1. This is vital, because this way you get the workouts that are designed in sequential order. Thereby building you smartly and intentionally.
  3. Use a program that is right below your capacity — Yes, simpler here is better. Aiming just below your current level is ideal for those seeking online programming where #1 and #2 are not possible. By going a level down, you’ll be able to master the movements, build capacity, and correct any older injuries. 

Make good choices

This is a saying I share a lot with my mentees and athletes. It is your life, but if you choose with an effort towards a GOOD choice it usually works out very well for you.

Full transparency, I have enjoyed many a posted workout and experimented with many workout protocols. I also lead and coach 100s of athletes, and find great joy in it. The advice here is after seeing to many come to me injured and depressed from their plight. My wish for you is only happiness, health, and a lifetime of success in your pursuits.

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