• A game that has an end is best
  • A time cap creates a better result; better completions
  • A deadline breaks all procrastination

A finish line is known to draw 1,000s and 10,000s to run / act when none would do it freely. Simply look at the races in your community and town.. literally people who never run, now will run that race to cross that finish line. There is a human insight to be found there.

Dependence creates strength

Promising to meet someone at 5am, suddenly makes that person capable of overcoming old dogmas (“not a morning person”, “too busy”)

Committing to another person — even if that person is one you have never met is a hack that millions are adopting today. The vast communities on social media alone that are tagging and videoing their “DuesPaid” and similar hashtags is only increasing. It is a way of checking off a box and being true to a vision you have of yourself.

Strength comes from within and sometimes having just a little bit of a team on that same path is all that is needed to achieve the results.

Today to the finish line, how we must live the process

As we look towards our goals and march forward, we must recognize that LIFE is in the space between those two precious moments. The better you can create a love in between these two moments, the better you can live. Imagine if the process of working, living, creating, running, racing, and enjoying were your focus?

I believe that death, like deadlines are a good thing. It forces us to enjoy the process, to embrace every moment because it could be the end. Death demands we give what we can give. Sometimes it comes early and others it graces us with a long healthy and deeply rich (experiences) life. No matter what, the living and enjoyment (squeezing life out of each moment) is the true reward.

Respect the end

If you respect the end. 

Appreciate you cannot move it — whether imposed by a job or life. 

Then act accordingly. 

You’ll honor the gift of having this moment and your health.

You’ll honor the time shared by others

Simply give your best today, right now.

Call that girl. Write that note. Climb that rock. Sing that song. Make that video. Act in that play. Hug your mom. Hug your dad. Thank your partner. The end is absolute, the rewards are not guaranteed, but the satisfaction and joy in the moments as we press forward are yours to savor and enjoy.

Set milestones and finish lines for your team

The best projects and product launches I have been involved with over the last 20 years in the technology and consumer product markets has been those where we had HARD deadlines. Literally it was – launch on this date or quit today, because we’ll be bankrupt tomorrow.

This urgency wasn’t always bankruptcy (though there were a few to scorch my soul), but by setting achievable but specific finish lines to efforts is an unlock for performance. It increases teamwork, removes red tape even in the largest of beauocracies, and lifts up people who sometimes wouldn’t have the opportunity. What is equally powerful is as you bring in folks to support the achievement of these goals – they get the emotional reward and fire set by the same goal. Even if they only played a momentary step.

If you can set a target date and then build your team towards there – do it. You will see massive benefits. Be warned, you cannot simply demand dates … you as the leader (regardless of where you are in the business) must support and provide the resources and air cover to get it done too.

This is, as my team leader says, a team sport.

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