My why: I want reduce the injury pain they are suffering, teach them how to put together effective workouts in a CrossFit style, and give hope and a path forward for the youth

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Why we raised nearly $95,000 in 2018

The past year I have been fundraising to help build a hospital in an area where 95% of the citizens have never ever seen a medical professional, and there isn’t a facility within 20 miles (4 hours away). Construction is underway and it’ll be done in July 2019. The next chapter is to bring expertise and direct help to the people of Rwanda, and that is where I need your help.

Let’s have a direct impact

How many times have you sat with someone for 10 minutes and seen their life transform. Maybe you gave advice to a peer or child, and suddenly they are on a totally different life trajectory. These personal encounters where we share from our lessons of life to another are the magic that changes the life of a person, a family, a town, and a country.

Let’s make that impact happen together in Rwanda

Life lessons come from personally experiencing the benefits and cost of actions. We all have these uniquely and the sharing of these can create uncommon results. Life lessons are not enough, we need expertise.

Expertise — comes from someone committed and dedicating large portions of their heart and mind to vigilantly studying and applying a craft daily for thousands of hours across many situations with diligent study. The cycles you complete in a craft and areas are the true gateway to becoming an expert. Being deep in a subject doesn’t make impact.

To make impact we must be at the point in someone’s life to have an impact. Literally in the right place at the right time. While I cannot be in Rwanda for everyone at that magical moment, I can strive to engage with as many across vast periods in their life in July to create a few special moments. More so, my mission is not to just be an impact this week but to inspire and educate the citizens on what I am teaching, so they can carry it forward, make it their own, and then be there for the right time to share these ideas.

That is the secret combination, life lessons and expertise shared at the right moment in someone’s life can deliver these life changing events.

Health and Fitness

I have been a marathon runner, ultra distance runner, multiple Ironman and Half-Ironman competitor, and studied the fitness space for personal and now professional purposes over the past two decades. What I have gained is a deep community of passionate and knowledgeable people eager to share their decades of experience. I currently call many Olympic level athletes and Elite level coaches regularly for counsel and benefit to my athletes and self. This community has given me an unbelievable reference source that I wish to bring to Rwanda.

Road to Rwanda

Send me to Rwanda and I will be hosting fitness and movement sessions with the citizens in Rwanda. Yes, we will do workouts, but that is just the minor moments of a larger vision. My traveling there will have these 3 purposes

  1. Assess the movements and biomechanics of the coffee workers and help make systematic improvements to reduce and eliminate the common physical injuries that are occurring, at large.
  2. Conduct workshops with all ages on training, coaching, making workouts, and helping them become athletes and coaches — so they can continue improving their fitness after I leave the country
  3. Lead athlete sessions to create a path for the children of Rwanda to leap onto the competitive elite athletic stage

Bottom line — I want reduce the injury pain they are suffering, teach them how to put together effective workouts in a CrossFit style, and give hope and a path forward for the youth.

How can you help

Share this article and fundraiser with your family, friends, and social network. It will take all the help and every donation matters. If you live in Atlanta GA and interested in wine, I’ll happily be giving wine to those who donate personally. Here is a link if interested:

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