I am fascinated with the story behind cybersecurity attacks and events. It feels a bit like cops and robbers. Or, maybe more like explorers discovering new worlds … except that new world is America, we are the Native American Indians, and the explorers are the Europeans. 

What are the circumstances, the actual events, and what does all this mean?

 That is what I naturally seek to understand in every technology innovation and cybersecurity attack. I believe there is a massive amount advantage that can be gained, and wish to share that to see how you would improve this line of thinking.

What can we gain from cyberattacks

Knowledge — that is what we get and it is so valuable. I have predicted trends in technology by analyzing these attacks, and have become a better practitioner too. Let’s breakdown these takeaways and who can benefit:

Learn what is effective and ineffective at stopping attacks — a basic lesson, but valuable to those charged with sustaining healthy and robust technology products.

New technology — One of my favorite lessons is what these attackers have developed, and then working with industry and product teams to build upon. 

Operations and management — To attack and breach defenses it requires smarts and an innovative use of technology in many cases. The largest botnet and such environments deliver HUGE lessons in operational security and management. The fact is, some of the largest botnet-type cyber groups today manage magnitudes more systems (10x millions) than the largest businesses in the world.

Post event legal action — after any large cyberattack there can be legal action, court reports, FTC, and other edicts and analysis published. These can be gold from two angles, the first you get a fresh review of what worked and what truly didn’t. Another benefit is clarity on ‘due care’ and reasonable as deemed by industry groups and legal authorities, as this can be a constantly moving target for managing risk tolerance programs.

How not to be hacked

Seeking to understand how to create the best products that deliver the best experience must be supported by quality. A pillar of quality for business is security and resiliency. The better we can practice an adaptive cybersecurity mental model and learn from our peers the better. Sharing and distilling what matters in a practical sense is the first step in building such a flexible program.

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