Yes it is.

That should be the end, but let’s break this down with a bit more color.

How is your brand better if you share?

When you share, you allow people and businesses to connect with you. To find points to relate against and to build trust, commerce, and friendship (love even!)

Think about it — when you meet a stranger what are the first things you discuss?

  • Weather, Outfits, Traffic, etc…

Notice anything about these? They are all relatable points to create an initial dialogue. Notice anything else? They are opportunities to then go a level deeper. If you only stay at the first question you basically have no connection, no trust, and pretty much the worst meeting ever. (no you will not make that sale, and no she will not want to meet you another time.. 100% not)

Depth creates connection

We must get at least 3 questions / levels deep before we have any real connection. There is no simpler way to break this down. Strive to get to the real person you are meeting and do so swiftly and earnestly. Actually caring about them is a relief and a joy.

An example:

  • Me: How about that weather?
  • You: Right it is so much rain
  • Me: I feel like it forces us to do things inside..
  • You: Exactly
  • Me: Which is good, except I had planned a park day with my daughter.
  • You: ME TOO, I my son’s birthday is tomorrow at the river and now I am flustered

Context and depth matters. If you stopped at the weather, I hate talking about the weather by the way, you would have NEVER met the real person. You both know can engage on what you actually care about and build a platform for your passions, profession, and perhaps relationship.

Truth in Brand

Struggle, challenge, and efforts matter for a business and brand. People are proud to share their highlight reels. Companies release press releases highlighting acquisitions and promotions. We don’t do the same for cancelled products and loss of staff. Sharing these “losing” moments can be hard, but only because we have set ourselves up in this frame.

If you only share the good and try to convey a brand of trust .. how can you ever share the losses? The losses become scarlet letters.

What if you embraced sharing the good and the journey! The journey of ups and downs… we opened in this market, we moved markets, we changed the product, we did X again but now better … on and on… Now you have set a framework for people to cheer you on; and I dare say, excitement to see how you’ll adapt.


When you see a brand that continually is adapting to deliver on their mission. To hold the line on their integrity and giving their best — you ABSOLUTELY know you would do business with them. You’d do so because you SEE they care … SEE they will always try to do their best .. and you feel connected with the brand on this journey.

Connection to the brand is grown, step by step … win.. loss .. win again ..

Better than that .. now you are your authentic self, and we all get sick, we all get hurt, and we all … yes all, benefit from the support and good will given to those we can relate to in our life.

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