• Do you have knowledge?
  • Do you have experience?
  • Can what you have maybe impact the decision of another in a good way?

Then … why would you not share with others?

We all have a story

One thing I find amazing is the unique paths and experiences each person I work with in every profession and journey. Whether you are seeking to build a new business; growing your personal brand; establishing a hospital in Rwanda, or simply leading change in your business — how you got to where you are is unique. 

The Facts remain:

You have lessons I do not have.

You have mastered aspects I not. 

Your path forward will be different from mine, for no other reason, than you are navigating different waters. The context and patterns are greatest personal details and quite frankly a source of great insight. Sharing your story and how / why you made decisions forward puts light on a path for me, you, and others that find themselves also in that position.

We have made mistakes

It’s true. I am wrong, it happens. In fact, I venture to say that you have been wrong here and again. The fact of being wrong shows we are trying, testing, and doing. The opportunity lies in what do we do with that mistake — did we adjust and see results or not?

Mistakes and their impact grow with time. For example — if you miss your exit on the highway, but never realize it and continue looking for “Maple Street” you could be in for a long day. If you shared your journey with another they may give you the insight that allows you to make a quick adjustment and only experience minor pain and inconvenience.

Therefore — share and discussion allows us the opportunity to mix experiences together. Share ideas, and the process that led to our current thinking / actions. 

Robbing ourselves from a discussion, debate, and feedback is simply too expensive.

Please share and engage

Be vulnerable, expose your decision making with colleagues and friends. Debate and certainly adapt. You can share in person, online, at events, publicly and anonymously. No matter how, you must.

Network Effect Lessons

The concept of a network effect is fairly well known, so I’ll just summarize. The more people connected and engaged (the network) the more value can be derived. This is true because each node is contributing to the next node, together. This is how complex organisms (humans) win over other less complex (because .. at simplistic level, all our cells are working together for the greater good).

Ok, I may be using network effect with a bit of creative authority .. but stick with me here…

Network effect vs. solo adventurer

Do you think if you arrived in a space and found a tribe of folks all living life and demonstrating knowledge, it would NOT be in your benefit to engage them. To learn from them, how they make food; how they create shelter; which animals to avoid; which plants to eat .. etc…? Now add in your own knowledge to their world. Not only will you personally survive, but you will all thrive but building on each other’s knowledge and experience. Each of which are intertwined today. 

Or… would you rather arrive in that space, see a tribe of folks and then proceed to close your eyes and learn everything on your own? I would certainly say — you will mostly likely eat a poisoned berry, get mauled by bear, and maybe by luck maybe make it by the skin of your teeth.

I see the same in life, professions, passions, and more. Engage, challenge, adapt, learn, share, compound skill sets, and everyone benefits. You are not less, you are not starving because you shared, and you are certainly not at risk more so because you did share.


Abundance exists. You will still have the opportunity ahead. You will still develop. The world is large and you benefit more from the world’s sharing than the world gains alone from your action. Net net, you win every single time.

World + you = the best you

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