How we define our life matters. The joy of creating and bringing ideas to life is a foundation of a well lived life. How we create, what we create, and how we spend our life in this area fundamentally defines our level of happiness. There exists a need for a precious balance though against all areas in life that matter — family, profession, hobbies, and more. You want to build, grow, and evolve and what you DO matters above all thoughts and ideas.

Action, testing, experiencing, and seeing what happens are what make up a life worth living

Often when I speak to young and old there is a strong fear, I don’t know who set this fear in place but it is rampant, that we can only do one thing in our life. Maybe it spawned from prior generations where you were an employee of X for 50 years .. you were a teacher for your life .. you were a XYZ and that was the marketing put upon the people as the only / right path. That falsehood has been fully removed from culture — but society’s remnants still remain.

What we define as our life and passion today doesn’t anchor us for tomorrow, it merely provides the motor to power us forward. Thus the benefit of focusing on our passions and giving value from that core. Think about that one more time –

What defines you today is a motor, not an anchor in your life. Embrace it this moment!

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