I am having a difficult day, an hour, a moment… then again I have had what felt like hard months and years. Something I have learned through an odyssey of research (Stoicism, philosophy, religion, straight hard practical science) and one and one mentors is how to succeed forward. Here is how I have found success and I am sharing where I am in my journey such that you may build upon these concepts for your own personal benefit.

Hardship may be as small or as a massive speed bump in the pursuit of your goals – fitness, entrepreneurship, career, school pursuits, and more. More tragically these can include scandal in your life, bullies, cyber grief, loss of a job, becoming homeless, and more …

No matter where you are we must dial our mind to focus on the wins on our journey. Center on the positive messages and moments of achievements on our path previously, and that we are working towards in the future. If we tie our mind to the positive messages of the past with the vision of impact we will achieve in the future, we can power through these dark times.

Mindset Body Armor habits for you:

  • Nothing is permanent, so today’s current state is just a moment
  • No regret, whatever choices you made – they are made and we must work forward with their implications
  • You own the results and are in control, there is only our action that led to a result
  • Focus on the positive impacts you have made – who did you impact, how did it make them feel, how did it make you feel?
  • Focus on the energy and joy that zips through your soul when you see yourself in that situation
  • Embrace the positive messages you have received from those in the past
  • See your future not as a static result but instead measured on impact and vision.

Even a tree that is anchored to the ground adapts and grows as required to live, thrive, create the beauty it is capable of displaying (as I write this Fall is here in Atlanta and the leaves are rich in the brightest yellows and reds amongst the tight streets and strangling sidewalks)

If a tree can grow for hundreds of years amongst generations of humans, so can we. Patience, passion, and trust in ourself that we can accomplish the impact at hand and in our heart.

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