How can you achieve tremendous success in life?

How can you reach the penultimate position in your career?

How can you achieve your purpose to give and create a better world?

How can you be the healthy and live the longest maximum life possible?

…it begins in 5 minute increments.

Let me explain. After decades of seeing companies built, athletes develop their skills, and artists create masterpieces I have seen a number of powerful patterns. How you achieve across all spectrums is built on 5 minutes, applied daily.

Look at what you want to achieve and then ask yourself, am I acting in a manner that brings me closer to that result? Note the specific intentions of this sentence – ACTING and CLOSER.


You must commit and act in the direction you wish to achieve. If that is to be a writer, well you need to sit down and ACTUALLY WRITE. Not ponder writing, plan to write, or post pictures of writing. (in that case … well branding matters and is another topic, but in the need for branding – have the camera either record the entirety or take a pic after the session, as we don’t want dopamine firing before we actually did anything represented in the photo)

No the trick – do it for 5 minutes. New behaviors should be added carefully and in a manner that allows us to succeed. We need to create patterns here … by aiming for 5 minutes to do our passion daily we begin the process of organization and execution.


Simply putting in the time doesn’t guarantee results. Hard work, persistence, and in some cases flexibility in the end result. Imagine you wanted to write books as a child .. all your life your goal was to write books in paperback. Then when you finally have an audience you realize you have 100,000 readers but they are on a website. Have you achieved your goal? YES – just the platform has changed. Be self aware of your goal, be sure it is respectful to you and enjoy these milestones.

As you add in time, you will inch closer to your goal. You’ll see bursts of success and reward. You’ll also see droughts of doubt, negative results, and criticism. Reflect, adapt, and continue.

5 Minutes to succeed, daily

…Is 5 minutes enough to publish books, be a successful entrepreneur, become physically healthy … yes, but you can do so much more, but taking the next step.

The next step to achieving your goal is adding another 5 minutes to your daily habit, and then another, and another … Ultimately you’ll hit a body of time that is effective and productive. These investments in time will increase the velocity and amplitude of your work – meaning you’ll get there faster and with larger potential impact. That doesn’t mean go 20 hour blocks to achieve a goal in 3 years vs 6. No, like baking a cake … time and patience are required and there is a diminishing law of returns here. Be practical, consistent, persistent, patient, and humble … achieve your greatest passions following this insight from the best and happiest in the world.


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