Positive messages to position you for success

What are you trying to accomplish? How do others achieve such success and achievement of their goals? Mindset – and it begins with this fundamental skill.

  • Want to know how to write a book?
  • May be you are trying to open a hospital in Rwanda?
  • Bring awareness to the benefits of fitness to life long friends?
  • Are you trying to start your own business?
  • Here is the first requirement to being a successful entrepreneur
  • A coach that brings value to his/her athletes

Bottom line – if you are seeking to make an impact, do something uncommon, and journey a path that brings value .. you will need to position your mind for success.

The key foundation is setting your mind up with positive mental models and messages. Seeing the result; seeing the benefit you are creating, and then surrounding your soul with these reinforcements in the darkest and brightest of hours.

Take for instance – you decide you will workout every day consistently at 5am. You know doing this will increase your life span by up to a decade of quality active years. You’ll be less prone to any chronic disease and be 8% more productive across all areas of your life. Despite all that positive benefit … when that alarm sounds you may begin hitting those snoozes.


We could beat ourselves up – “I’m lazy” … “I have no will power” … “I am worthless” … “I have too much happening”.. but these thoughts reverberating in our brain will NEVER bring us results, happiness, or success in anything.

Instead – focus on positive messages. Set yourself up for success and inch towards your goal.

  1. First off – cold turkey is hard so don’t look for results in hour one of day one. Life is a marathon, so look at progress with months in mind and not hours.
  2. Secondly – adjust your life and schedule to maximize your success. In the case of working out at 5am … it begins the night before, GET TO BED the same amount of minutes/hours you are now starting your day earlier …. For instance, if you wake up normally at 6:30am and go to bed at 11pm .. we need to wake up 90 minutes early, so we GO TO BED 90 minutes earlier …
  3. Third – surround yourself with positive messages. The internet is full of them, just follow a few positive minded pages / sites / Alexa skills and hear them daily.

Mindset … there is so much here..

For those looking to really build up their mental armor add in the following:
– Practice gratitude in the morning and event (3 statements)
– Change your circle of friends to fit your new mental model
– No complaining or using excuses .. ever.
– Own every result, positive or negative – it is your fault, and you are in control.
– Know nothing is permanent, and you can change .. every minute, any minute
– You are unique, your path is unique, and your choices bring something unique to your family, friends, community, and the world. Don’t be anyone else, be you.
– Set achievable goals that build towards your vision.

There is so much .. but in the end it is your mind, the armor you give it from external and more importantly INTERNAL energy the better.

This is a crystal free zone … this isn’t a fad … do more, do good, and make an impact.

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