I am uncovering new insights in my life, and reflecting those here to learn and reconcile the lessons

How much do those around you, KNOW you .. or do they only know part of you …

I was startled this weekend to learn that someone who I chat with deeply a couple days a week didn’t know I was a Father! Can you imagine, a privilege and role that is so encompassing in my life, was lost to this person! It is striking to me the impact this had on her and created ripples across my psyche as a result.

What if that was all she knew about me? What if the joy of my daughter and the happiness she has brought to my life was never known … what a gigantic loss. Literally it felt like a chasm has been opened.

Am I the sum of my parts and experiences, or am I the role that I play in each hour of the day? I am the compilation of the good, the bad, the painful, and the joyous. I’ve been beaten, robbed, cheated, loved, congratulated, celebrated, scorned, threatened, a traveler, a dreamer, an inventor, an author, speaker, mentor, mentee, Dad, and more … I’ve spent 1,000s of hours in planes … and more. I’ve risked, lost, won, believed, doubted, feared, anxious, confident, and the opposite. I am all of these; none, and at any point these each weigh on me differently.

Truly, today is day 1 of 365 days for me. This will mean more to those I meet and engage with over these 365 days. What is the point of living if you never engage and carry forward your lessons. It is quite simply the sole reason humans carry-on — we transfer our knowledge and experiences to the next generation who build upon it. If we didn’t, we’d never grow and learn. So, if *I* never engage fully with my whole self, have I really given all I can give?

My ambition is to live truthfully to these words and appreciate the reality this weekend’s event exposed… but to be practical

Discovery is not a solo journey but one with others — embrace your friends, strangers you meet, and if possible bring coaches / mentors into your circle. Life lessons need not be hard and filled with injury or pain … allow these individuals to give you that advantage in life.

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