I think too often we try to be fancy. We try to be … we try to create experiences that are just big and grand these things, and we forget that sometimes the most simple experiences, and the most elemental raw kind of basic things can be amazing. And so I wanna suggest to you to find things that are very basic, and fun, and do that. Create those experiences for your friends, your family, your customers, and go for it from there.

Yeah, the big things are fun. Having huge parties are cool, creating festivals and events where you have hundreds of people showing up, that’s great, and I’ve done that. It feels amazing – but sometimes just setting up a ball and a hoop on the wall, throw it, and just let people be people, just play. That is gratifying and fun – even for those who were terrible (and still are).

So that’s my advice to you. Focus on some of the basics, don’t think so big, so fancy, just create nice a experience for everybody. Apply this to your life, with your kids, don’t stress, just do something fun, enjoy it.

The upside of basic – it is FAST, you get speed and can create more of these experiences vs big and grand that take months to years (once a year Christmas parties are amazing but, once a year .. why not monthly or weekly get togethers with less fuss!)

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