Where do you pay attention?

How much are you focusing on the work vs the romantic concept of the work?

Are you going in the right direction?

Why is that the right direction and what truths are you basing this on?

Once you have made that decision – are your actions reflecting your ambitions?

Questions for myself, you, and anyone seeking to change the world. Knowing your ambitions, the process to get there, and then doing the tactical work is hard. To not do so, is to live a lie and for me creates a tension in myself that is felt in my belly, in my face, and in my ability to handle difficult moments.

2 minute check:

Write down your ambitions and then write down what you have done in the last day, week, or month that have directly supported that ambition. If it is a challenge, you are not moving forward. That is good to know – now let’s adjust and do amazing things.

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