That is a challenge I fight with nonstop. I bet you do too!

How often do you look at something and see so much possibility. A novel book concept. A fun graphic on a t-shirt. A software “product” that solves a vexing problem.

I have them everywhere and often times I sketch out plans … and find myself spending tons of time on the following:

  1. Doodles of the ‘to be’
  2. Reviewing Fiverr candidates for the work
  3. Finding books on the subject and devouring them (to learn ‘how’)
  4. Messaging on social media directly with folks on collaboration ideas
  5. Post of blog articles 😉

At some point … you just have to realize, your list of desired actions is growing; impact is rapidly decreasing; and your goal hasn’t even been born yet!

TIME … it is your most valuable asset, don’t let a second slip by!

My hope for you – set deadlines and minimum levels of acceptable, and then follow your own rules. Best case you achieve a home run on your idea, worst case you STILL make an impact and can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Don’t be hesitate, don’t resist, act and appreciate without judgmental expectations.

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