Are people pushing you up, pulling you up, holding you back, or running with you?

Simply put one is GREAT…. 2 are OK but risky and will become harmful .. one will harm you.

Take a moment and consider yourself? Be self aware of what you want. The impact you are seeking. Your core values. How you want to grow and make a difference.

Simply – what are your goals today (they will change long term, that is called growing)?

If you are with people chasing your old goals, you are PULLING them up. Good for them, but as the line goes “if you are the smartest in the room, you are in the wrong room”.

Get in the right room – seek out those who can pull you up and learn from them! This might mean reading their books, attending their speeches, or if you are so lucky working with them in person.

…and no, you never LOSE your old friends and you aren’t abandoning anyone. You are growing, changing, and building a larger tribe. That is the point of humanity – to connect and grow. Seek it out and cherish those who you meet along the path of your journey.


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