Content may be king, but is it wise to write Moby Dick if it is already written?

What about creating a training course where someone has already written one?

This is an area I vacillate on often these days. The strong desire to give information that I have learned is intoxicating. Not the creating part so much, while fulfilling, it is a hard and dark place known by only the rare few.

Thus I sit on the topics of creating a course / material to empower and educate those on cybersecurity for parents and small business owners. Searching I find on Udemy, Youtube, and certainly on Teachable a number of offerings. Would I have a different take, a different feel / approach / delivery – yes! But does the world NEED it? Do I NEED it?


  1. Differential benefit to those who consume it
  2. Fantastic self learning technique to refine my thinking


  1. EGO
  2. Potential to be economically positive
  3. Multiplier for me from an impact point – but is that my brand?

When I write these out, it is clear I should say HELL NO. Run! My focus these days is on health, fitness, CrossFit, inventing new products, social media marketing, cybersecurity for products in the cloud, and voice interface systems.

Stay deep and become wide my friends – share ideas and concepts across each area and find ways to benefit those you love and yet to meet.

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