You can’t taste life

You can’t watch life

You can only act and do in life.

Meaning being a bystander, a dreamer, and wallflower is not living. It is wasting. You want to be happy, have joy, love, and success? Go do things, passionately, and with all the mistakes and scars that come from them.

To do anything less is faking who you really are inside. 

When you are an imposter by not being your true self — you will never be happy, ever. 

Inside, deep down, you know you aren’t happy.

But what if…

I struggle with this journey as much as the next guy or gal. The truth is it becomes pretty obvious. To have happiness, you need to enjoy what you are doing — profession, hobbies, and lifestyle. Happiness has zero correlation to money you make, and EVERYTHING to do with you feeling fulfilled, having purpose aligned to YOUR self, and yes a relationship.

Relationships and love, while our ambitions in our 20s, become something of an exercise in formality — find someone; convince them you are amazing; marry them, and in more cases then not — get divorced try again, now by being who you actually are with someone who actually likes the real you.

Bonus years added your life when you ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP. It is true, those in a relationship live longer lives. Pretty solid reason to not pretend who you are, and fall in love with someone who loves you, the you you.

But who am I?

That is a tough question with no definite answers, well, no definite answers from anyone you meet. Only YOU can discover this answer. 

You are unique. You may be a video gamer. You may be a writer, a hiker, a woodworker, a farmer, etc… It doesn’t matter what you are — it only matters that you do what you ACTUALLY love doing.

Here is the secret to finding what makes you truly happy and helps you have a lifelong relationship that future generations will admire:

  1. Try as many different things possible
  2. See what makes you happy
  3. Do that, for a hobby and profession as soon as possible
  4. Now you know who you are and what you love, now welcome people into your life and love too. Stop being so scared

Biggest tip — don’t judge yourself. Ego gets in the way (“I am no good at that”, “I’ll embarrass myself”), just try things and make life a journey.

At least.. that is the advice I live and passionately wish for you to prove correct.

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