Is it a thing or an imagination that has taken a possible event and showed you all the immense possible outcomes. No matter how crazy an event is — our imagination seems to give us a choice.

We can choose to live the hellish possibilities. We can also CHOOSE to focus on the possible outcomes, and steps we take to get through it.

We live in a crazy time where the potential for catching a disease, being caught in traffic with destructive rioting, and many other such events are all possible today. All these events can cause our imagination and anxiety to swarm. This swirling isn’t not helpful as it not only clouds the future, it robs you of the present moment.

So I sit here — fearful of learning whether I am healthy or not. I have begun living as if today was my last day (a practice I began recently), and it has been enjoyable. I certainly don’t expect the worst, but that doesn’t push back the ripples of anxiety and fear.

The path forward

I simply have changed my behavior to give my best to myself and those around me. I have set down the right tests and will learn if there is any concern at all. Simply put — I know the steps to erradicate the fear. I know the steps if the fear is realized.

The purpose and intent of my thoughts now is to focus on the good outcomes. The good I can do now. The kindness I can give to others. The help I can bring to my clients and partners. The love I can give and share with all those in my life.

You see, that is really all I care about. The love and those who I can give help and service to in this world. I truly hate the idea that I may be limited by time here today. I hate it not because I haven’t experienced life, but rather there are those I’d love to do more for in this world. Case in point, I see the fires in Oregon being set by arsonists, and I honestly want to jump on a plane and help them on the fire line. Same as I rushed to NYC the day after 9/11.

Give to others; share what you love; your life is a gift, use it.

If you knew the time of your death, would you act differently?

43 minutes I find the truth, but in the end it doesn’t matter. If not today the future will bring my end, and that means you and I must live and give today. Nothing is more purposeful, joyful, and certain then this moment.

Live today till tomorrow.

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