Everyday we are reminded of the shortness of life. We are equally encouraged to celebrate the daily chance at life to be our best self. It is how you and I live in a world ruled by the laws of life and death.

In our life, the time we are given on this Earth, we create life, make art, share experiences, and sorrow. 

I find myself on this arc more often than I prefer. I have seen the shortness not only of life, but also the shortness of relationships, friendships, businesses, industries, countries, nature, species, and even the emotional purity of a soul before evil and misfortune diminish their glow.

Everyday I see these losses. Everyday I try to share a mantra with others and myself that life is a gift. That today is a gift, and that we must scrape, pull, claw, and savor every ounce of goodness our day gives us.

Yesterday I recognized I was struggling. I realized I am sad. I count more times on the wrong side of my mantra, and as a result see I am enjoying less of life. I believe I am now pushing people forward into their best life.

The problem is, I now realize I must be pulling people into goodness, happiness, and providing a guide by living it. Self care and selfish care (mind, body, and soul) are mandatory. I now realize that — and it isn’t too late.

If I am able to see the joy in life and make a change, so can you. I cannot live unhappily. I cannot allow my own judgement and that of other’s judgement create a life less than well lived. I must. You must. 

I am at a dead end. The arc of life doesn’t care how you live it, and we must act accordingly. No one is to blame but yourself on your state of happiness in life. Today I heard news of a friend, role model, mother, wife, and fellow triathlon athlete that died in her sleep. She was younger than me. Barely saw the joys of motherhood, and yet I feel has lived a life fuller and richer in joy than most. If that isn’t a well lived life, I don’t know what is. It is chilling to see these reminders of finality in life.

Dead ends are not the end, but point in which a change in direction and behavior occur

The insight and key to a good life as I see it, remains not in the number of years as much as what you do with them. I wish you and I, happiness and gratitude in every moment…and it wouldn’t hurt to have many many years filled with which to fill with joy and happiness.

Be mindful, and be happy. Please.

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