COVID created a worldwide shift for people to live, work, and exist 98% of the day from home. We have all learned how to work from home — enjoy better meetings and more productivity. Deeper hours with our family both have been a blessing and a point of strain. Our kids have been thrust to 100% digital lives. After a decade of keeping kids off screens, the world has shifted to only screen time. Together we are pushing the barrier on technology and social constructs.

The result is a leap in demand and utility. This has challenged existing technology, and socially creating new social behaviors too. These equal forces along with the rapid availability of engineers worldwide, creates an awesome stage of invention.

WE have accepted the flaws of tech

We have embraced the glitches of work from home and live from home technology. We have done this with gratitude that they even exist! Glitches and blunders in video conferencing happen and brushed off. Also, every business has had to scale and adjust to the now serving 100% customers from home. We are living through the world’s first global experiment of agile processes. Business products and daily online updates are being launched and tested globally. This is the largest event ever to exist, and creates a singular chance for massive innovation.


Creative minds of engineers and developers around the world are locked at home experiencing the good and the bad. The opportunity to innovate, invent, and optimize will begin small. Individual development will appear as problems are solved. Momentum will be gained as new inventions, companies, and solutions emerge. The ideas will be good and bad, but each will build and create the foundations for what comes next.


Expect innovations around bandwidth, tools, and create new platforms (beyond FB, Insta, Zoom). We will see physical devices spanning new buildings technology to entertainment inventions. I am excited to see the crazy and common sense ideas. Now is the time for leaps in thinking.

Developers will become entrepreneurs and pillar businesses will tackle the greatest challenges. Change in communication, entertainment, and “I wish I had” technology will emerge soon. At this moment the pain of what exists is being challenged. Plus, new ideas generated out of quarantine will be the foundation for the next boom and decade.

I am bullish and the technologist in me is excited to live in this day and age. Now — go make, go create, and keep iterating. For the first time — fail and fix fast is an accepted state of development, but it won’t last.

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