All right, because we’re going to get this a shot. A stand; an edgy and counter culture position to break free from the societal and human-mind trap that is rampant. What is this all about? Well, I have about had it with indecision and stress and hesitation and all these things. I see them in my loved ones; my friends; myself, and beginning to see it creep into my daughter.

So, today is capped out, and what I wrote down I think is really relatable to everybody. I think we find ourselves being surrounded with so many choices and so many options and things that we love, that we get stuck in our mind. We get stuck in what we are thinking about, and not really doing anything and not executing. Not trying, not seeing what happens.

I think it goes in the other way too, right? Where we allow and invite tension and stress and disappointment and fear into our lives. Today after a bout of struggling with that, I simply wrote down this one phrase and I think it will help you.

I think it will help us. More so, I think we need it to achieve happiness and success in our lives.


It is really helped me catch myself in the moment today. It has to do with … shutting down our death spirals of thought. I was so surprised by the impact of these two words that I wrote them immediately on my hand.

What is no more? Now what does no more mean? No more is something I want you to embrace. When we think about our lives and we think about the impact we want to have, the family we’re loving, the choice of our careers and our life trajectory of what we’re chasing. I am inviting you to think about and putting the words no more in front of the things that are not serving you. So, no more hesitation on that dream of a lifetime. No more hesitation of telling that person that you love them. No more accepting your fears or your assumptions about something that may or may not be true. For me, I’ve been embracing it around no more delay, no more stress, simply — no more.

Are you torturing yourself

Well, just no more doubting. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a doubt. Doesn’t mean that there isn’t fear or that doesn’t mean that there isn’t failure around any corner. What it is, is stop suffering today for something that might happen tomorrow. If we think about it from this perspective, we are literally suffering for something that has not yet happened. That might happen. But it might be amazing. You might decide to build this business, create a painting, do this charity work. It may all work out amazingly.

It also might fail completely. But at the beginning and at the end, you just don’t know. You don’t know if you’re going to achieve the results. But what if while you are pursuing that charity and to build whatever you want to build, to change you want to make in the world, or maybe you’re just doing something for yourself and it doesn’t work out?

There are other outcomes that may unfold that you have not considered, and if not careful may not even recognize!

When you are trapped in your mind of what could go wrong, we lose what could go incredibly right

When the unknown reveals surprises

You might meet the love of your life there. You might discover you have a horrible disease that you are now able to cure because at that moment in time where you were and the right people that were there. You might save somebody’s life. Or, you might just learn and that tomorrow, in 10 years, in 30 years might be the thing, the singular thing that changes your impact on yourself and in the world. I don’t think there’s anything better than that. I can’t think of anything and when I’m reflecting on this, and when I’m thinking about this phrase of no more, every single moment since I wrote it, I have reflected back to it and it’s freeing, but it’s also something that’s going to take time for me.

You see, I internalize a lot of things that create stress and challenge my own health and happiness. “Things” such as achieving the market result I am seeking with product launches; the successful operation of the hospital I opened in Rwanda; the health and safety of my athletes; the progressions of my mentees; how are all my team members working, and inclusive of how my daughter is experiencing life?

Are they happy and are they going in a projection and a trajectory that will achieve their current goals and life goals?

Are the things that I want to build and give to the world, going to matter?

Not all failures are absolute losses

I’ve definitely built things in the last two years that haven’t mattered. I have built things that have, and one did not come without the other. So, when we’re thinking about ourselves and you are trying to deal with stress, depression, loneliness, or just indecision as to what’s next and what we should do, I would ask you to think of the stress and the pressures and those elements around it that make it up, and really think about what, what could happen is going to happen. We can’t predict it. We can try a couple times and see what happens. So, no more hesitation, no more delays, no more stress, no more anxiety about things of tomorrow that we are manifesting in our minds as potential problems. It’s good to see the pitfalls and potentials and then plan according.

It is not okay to sit and suffer, building up that stress, and let it eat at your soul instead of acting.

Move onward, do it for you

What’s the point of suffering and taking on that pressure and strain if you never use it? So, let’s apply ourselves. Be able to use that energy, and instead of dwelling on what could, let’s use that energy to find out what it will be.

I hope this helps. I’m sharing this to help us become our best selves. One thing that I have learned is I am more appreciative than ever about sharing what I’m discovering. I hope this leads you down a path, as it is beginning to lead me down a path on simplifying and achieving the goals that I very much desire. Have an amazing day. I wish you nothing but the best.

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