I was once told to do what you are good at. Other advisors early in life said ‘pick one thing’. I was confused and honestly couldn’t hang on to one thing.

I was curious!

Yes I wanted to learn about scouting, camping, fires, and nature. I equally wanted to create an online social site (BBS) with games and online members, in 1995. Equal parts seeking a connection with nature and completely geeking out on what was to be a very good idea — the internet and online sites.

Do many things

Yes, you should explore and follow your passions. This may mean wholesale stopping for a moment what you are doing now, or maybe it simply begins as a hobby where each (not both .. because well, you may have many hobbies) is given some time.

Here are the reasons that win the most internal arguments:

  • There is cross-over value, what we learn in one activity most likely WILL transfer to another activity
  • You may find what you are truly great at and love, worth the experimentation
  • What you learn in just managing multiple efforts will make you a better navigator to life’s surprises and distractions

Don’t be vulnerable

Seek out new things; new projects; new hobbies; new experiences, and you’ll be more adaptable. This skillset is critical because we each change and don’t know what we truly will love till we know it. 

The world will also continue to change, as billions of people continue to change and introduce their own energy to our time together. Thus the best defense is a constant and intentional offensive effort to grow and learn.

Go ahead, try that craft and take on that project. You may meet the partner of your dreams, learn something that’ll save your life one day, or simply learn you never ever want to clean grocery bathrooms again. I did. I learned.

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