You want to be fit like those you see on The CrossFit Games — awesome, let’s go!

But .. wait you say, I am not a professional athlete .. honestly I haven’t really done anything “training” wise for the last 10–20 years, so how do I start?

HERE IS YOUR ANSWER, so you can achieve fitness today and a lifetime of health INJURY FREE.


I was 40lbs fat at my prime. I was traveling the world and became an expert in my field. All the while having full control over my schedule and food. Yet, I still had two chins. I began to run and even worked up to a few longer distances.

Yet, I was still unhealthy, fat, and now experiencing joint injuries too with my new found fitness adventures.

Then I began training, slowly, and progressively into a CrossFit style — more intervals, more strength, more bodyweight (not running).

In the end, I STARTED with a plan and became healthier. Did I make mistakes. Yes. Did I pick a gym that helped me get fitter, not at first, but that’s ok I used that knowledge to do better the second and third time.

After two decades of coaching (on and off — College level Rowing; Ironman; Endurance; NCAA athletes for scholarship; and professional athletes)


You need to do a few things before joining a CrossFit gym, or joining any high intensity gym. I speak from an authority position as now after nearly a decade of coaching athletes (I have been coaching on and off since 1999). Here you go:

  1. Write down your WHY.
  2. Write down how you want to FEEL in 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months
  3. Write down WHEN you can give yourself 30mins to 1 hour a day for 3x a week
  4. Now make a video and share your WHY and what you are seeking to FEEL to someone you love. (save it, only send it if you are ready)
  5. Do the BELOW program for the next month
  6. Begin working with a Coach, pick a workout program and STICK WITH IT for 3 months


Community and Coaching matter — these give you a support center to build these habits that’ll serve your entire life. The Coaching matters to ensure you are given the instruction and adjustments in your training to match your skill sets. If the vibe at the gym is bad, you will not grow. If the Coaching doesn’t lend to developing your skills, you will get hurt.

What you are looking for:

  • Workouts that are varied — some short, some fast, some with work and rest planned, some heavy, some light, and one that is long.
  • Resistance / Weight training — yes, you want to lift heavy objects (objects doesn’t mean barbells .. it means something heavy.. it makes your bones stronger, body stronger, and keeps you capable of using your fitness outside the gym for decades)
  • Move in DIFFERENT directions — Squats are nice, Deadlifts are nice, but MOVE sideways, backwards, rotate that body .. yes, you were meant to do so — move to a higher human standard vs a sport competition arbitrary standard. (Yes, I am siding with mother nature)
  • Warm-ups and prep that match the day’s tasks. Warmups should have a SPECIFIC intention — get the aerobic engine moving, get specific joints moving, etc .. if they are cookie cutter, run away.
  • Skill and Strength — have these at least 3–4x a week. You should lift heavy objects, but we also should dedicate time to building your complete strength and skill sets (pull-ups, yes; abdominal core, yes…)

More to share on this … but for now, click here to get a free block of training based on what YOU need. I want nothing more than you to succeed and be healthy. The world deserves you at your best, and so do you.

  • Coach DeLuccia

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