Why you must write, record videos, and share to the world…no matter how uncomfortable you feel about it. Do it in spite of whether you feel what you share will “matter” or be profound. Too often we argue against ourselves and decimate the idea and material, before it ever even hits the paper.

I hear all the arguments of why not to write and create, I hear it in my own head and those I speak with and advise on building their dreams. Personally I dance with my own reservations and insecurities around writing and creating content. I wonder if it will have an impact, be worth reading again, and how something I believe / saw / learned could be worthwhile to another human being. Then I had an unlock, that gave me freedom to publish, so here I share it in the hopes that just one benefits.

If you’ve ever explained anything, ever, you should publish

Think of that statement and let it sink in. It is simple and wide reaching, and meant to be so to allow you to see YOUR IDEAS are valuable. Personally when I reflect on that statement, I am able to list the following behaviors:

  • as a father I have taught 1,000s of lessons to my daughter at this point
  • as a coach I have demonstrated, guided, instructed, and helped athletes achieve lifetime goals
  • as a technologist I have trained over 10,000 professionals from my talks and training directly — beginning when I was only 20 years old!
  • and now, with my writings, 4 published books, and emerging library of videos and podcasts … I am imparting concepts and ideas far beyond my personal reach

You were born to learn 

I was not born with the skills of a parent, technologist, entrepreneur, coach, or how to be a father. I learned these skills from practice and exposure. That which we learn then is an acquired skill and asset. Imagine if what you learned was shared with others and THEY began their journeys from that starting position (or at least skipped all the painful mistakes). This is happening.

Look at athletes today — they are FAR FITTER, STRONGER, and FASTER than prior generations and it isn’t even close. WE are the same humans, but training protocols, depth of knowledge around recovery + sleep, nutrition, and intensity have led to far better athletes. This is true and being realized within business, the arts, and beyond. 

Our ability to learn and build upon prior generations will be accelerated beyond anyone’s appreciation. The advent of the internet, broad access from (and for) everyone in the world (that means ALL talent has a place), and media creation (videos, images, and audio recordings) are creating a repository that globally everyone can pull from to learn. We will see a global acceleration of specific skills, strengths, and certainly ideas like never before. The good and beneficial will come forward. Bad ideas and concepts will be filtered out from mass scale and validation. Good vs evil will still remain, forever, too. 

To win over evil, the ultimate cause

This is an area that can change our planet forever, and perhaps is the number one reason you should share your point of view … to ensure that you(good) prevail over evil.

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I am a father, study of human behavior, strategist, cybersecurity executive, and a coach and mentor on a journey to give more than I receive everyday. I lead teams globally, build products, and daily an executive for a leading company where I serve the largest companies in the world using the largest cloud deployments in the world impacting the financial services, healthcare, and fintech industries. I provide these publications and content through my media agency to deliver insights and advantages. Mindset, mental strength, mentorship, personal improvement, health, fitness, and humanist ideas are drawn from personal research and practice. Everything read and heard is my original works and my own perspective. All rights reserved for noted authors and sources. I produce research and strategy, as well as provide advisory services that include inquiries, briefings, consulting projects, and presentations on published findings as well as bespoke speaking engagements where I often keynote at conferences, seminars, and roundtables annually.

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