There is often a discussion in our mind on what is possible — the consequences of our actions usually. Well for me, that is so true and I see the possible outcomes in vivid clarity.

In my mind’s eye I see how the events can unfold, the positive, the emotion, the feeling of success at hitting the effort out of the park. I feel the warmth in my heart and joy on the dimples of my face. I may be dreaming, I may be sitting at a coffee shop sketching the next few lines in my journal. 

The joy of this visioning is it can be done anywhere and give us the nudge we need to make that call and take that step towards that envisioned future. I find myself stuck sometimes, and here is why …

Do you get stuck in a loop?

As I envision these outcomes, I see every angle. Witness to my own possible life outcomes, I gleefully revisit it. Each time emotions grow deeper and the outcome more real and certain. 

Then .. time runs out and off to the whirlwind of the day I go. No “real world” actions taken, but an immense amount of possible outcomes visualized. The feeling of joy lingers and begins to subside as the chemical release of from my mind lessens.

I begin to crave this feeling and the next moment my mind and is free, I again revisit this world. My heart beats a little faster and this time the future is even more complex and developed. My possible outcome continues to develop, and again the chemical pleasure returns.

Time again expires, and I must move on … again and again, I get in this loop. 

The loop of visioning is a spiral to disappointment, for when it completes we are forever left in disappointment.

You can realize the life you dream

The power of visualization is tremendous. It allows us to see a possible future that we are building towards. The key here is — building. To realize your dreams, you need but one action.

Dreams are built, brick by brick

If you want to create a new future, a new impact to the world, you can do it. The final result and it’s impact will only be known in the end, but the joy and experience will occur throughout the entire journey!

Do this

  • Daily write down your dream and what element you want to build up
  • Do at least 1 practical action today, everyday. Practical = real world
  • See your dream as building something brick by brick, everyday you lay a brick
  • See TODAY the simplest version as you work towards the grand version of your dreams

Stop these habits immediately

  • Judging your work today against the possible future end result
  • Get deep into planning, it is another disappointment spiral
  • Comparing your success against others
  • Asking for validation and support of others for YOUR dreams
  • Buying gear, gurus, and geeking out

There is zero risk, so go ahead!

Truthfully you can do it. Whether you are picking up a serious new product development at your company, or beginning a new painting. There is zero risk in starting. Risk only emerges when we follow the poor habits, as that is where $$, heartbreak, and self doubt emerge.

As you begin and start laying down your bricks, cherish the win of that moment. Reflect on how it felt to DO that work. Did you enjoy it and was the result satisfying? If so … you have all the reward you need, and you will succeed.

There is no risk in failing too. If you fail, the experiences and relationships you gained will certainly fuel your future self. Regardless of what your mind saw, you will have won.

So go ahead — act today, it’ll be worth it.

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