I am investing and putting my challenges and ambitions forward in the belief that it will inspire others, show we are all working hard to have a positive impact in the world, and ideally (God willing) create discussions and generate ideas that help these pursuits succeed.

Here are the core areas I am working with VaynerMedia on and the topics I hope to bring clarity to with Gary in our Q&A.:

  • Improve fundraising capability for Rwanda
  • CrossFit NBK (to build awareness -> that brings value in Roswell GA and thus promotes an active community)
  • NBK FIT (My amazing remote coaching program, brand awareness and conversion beyond those who have worked with me in person)
  • Books (3 published – improve distribution and reach)
  • Medium / Blog articles – distribution and impact (Mindset, health, success, cyber technical)
  • Podcasts – distribution and impact (effective life lessons)

Today I utilize organic and paid media, videos, and a ton of written content on all social media platforms. I have had minor success and vigilant at following practices shared by the GaryVee brand and team. Improvements in these areas that create better reach, enjoyment, and ultimately a better audience / client base will change my life and in my mind, others.

My Question and answer “with GaryVee”

My Rwanda Hospital and Fundraiser

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