I wasn’t born with a negative mindset, and neither were you. Over time though life happens, people’s baggage becomes your baggage, and the crowds you surround yourself with begin to influence you. These aren’t permanent behaviors, but they are learned and so to unlearn them like everything it takes effort. That effort begins because you see the advantage of the better self you will become, and the happiness that will exist as a result.

To see the good and live in the positive, for me it required a walk through all the bad and worst first. Today I realize that many have had it harder and worse, but to a young man I had no perspective. I know and can see now that when you achieve a positive and healthy mindset, you are empowered with the opportunity to live a truly great life.

Gain the life that you were born to live with a proper mindset


Have Perspective

While I had many very bad situations in life — physical fights, divorce, abusive work environments, etc .. there are worse. In fact, when you realize how blessed you are in your current moment suddenly you see things differently.

A method I employ often is to frame what is the worst that could happen. Then I compare that to the current situation. Anything net positive is a win. Not good, but a win. Literally you are WINNING even in poor situations.

BAD news ≤ WORST situation => Still net positive

Perspective is a gift and a tool for you to use within your athletic training, work projects, and the seesaw of life.

Examples of my current challenges and blessings…

  • Training — I got to train and X was great today
  • My daughter is healthy — despite having the pain of a triple tooth extraction today
  • My P&L is even — in spite of teams changing and cyclical seasonal impacts
  • My health is poor today — but I am alive and having a chance to improve it
  • Our contractor in Rwanda got hit by a truck — but we are still able to build the hospital in Rwanda

Life is full of choices, make one

It is your life this moment, and you make the decisions on what is OK and what is not. If you can’t reframe or should not tolerate a current environment or situation, then make a change physically vs mentally.

For example..

  • If your job is bad and not helping you on any level — financially, career progression, mental / emotional strength, etc … then it is time to find a new job.
  • If you are getting injured every time you go for a run — it is time to revisit how we run and why we run. Then you can use these insights to either fix your running, or adopt another hobby that achieves the same mental and physical results.

Abusive relationships, poisonous friends, or living in an area that we hate — all of these can be changed by simply MOVING yourself physically.

Life is full of options, take them, use them, and have zero regrets.

Prove to the world

You and your work in the world is up to you. Whether you are painting, raising a child, working with thousands in a company, or a solo-entrepreneur traveling the world — do good.

Find your truth and be your self, before everyone had an opinion and you allowed them to influence your behavior.

Your happiness and success is powered by your perspective and mindset.

Talent matters. Hard work matters. Nothing matters more than mindset

Challenge yourself

  • Today challenge yourself to see each situation differently.
  • React differently
  • Appreciate that you GET TO do something
  • Reframe the negative for the positive in your mind
  • If you hear complaining give the topic of interest a compliment, and see what happens to the vibe (you’ll see the momentum swing and become constructive vs unproductive / destructive)

Be your best self — you decide who she or he is


You deserve to squeeze the happiness and joy out of this life, so go ahead. There is no life without struggle or ups and downs. Instead, there is how you act, react, and thus exist amidst the journey of life.


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