It’s not about what you want, it’s about what your clients need (and it is usually whatever THEIR customers need and want)

Knowing how to give value in a business and relationship is hard. Often I find myself in situations where I am thinking about another person, and trying to discover what I can do to give them value. What is it that I can do in this moment that can make their moment, day, or life better? Can I help with their personal pursuits, or maybe their professional ventures? 

Sometimes, I cannot help at all, but I can introduce them to someone that can help, and so I play a small part. There is a key insight here that can help you truly give value, and that is empathy.

Empathy illuminates what matters

Think of a business partner. Someone you work with .. need to work with .. or someone you depend upon for delivering on your work objectives. Now, you have 2 approaches — 

The wrong way, you can share what you want to share because it is what you need. You can pull together content, reports, and training and send it on over. All of this hard work will be received graciously and promptly removed. Why? Well, you gave them what you wanted them to have … not what they needed.

The right way, you engage with them. You see what they care about and are working on personally. You see yourself in their role and have empathy to THEIR challenges, and then ….

You see how what you can share or provide helps them reach THEIR goals

Salespeople need to sell to put food on the table, so help them be the best damn sales person by leveraging your particular speciality.

Product owners need to bring the best product to market that not only wins the hearts of the consumer, but catches a viral lift to dominate the market. For them, you’d provide tools, insight, and support based on what their consumer is asking.

For a friend in need, you simply listen and see what you can provide at that moment. Honestly it may be nothing more than listening, caring, and giving your friend a space to find their path. Again, we aren’t bringing our problems into this discussion — we are there for our friend. We aren’t comparing and discounting their struggle or joy, but instead supporting empathizing and then growing together.

The right thing is always the right thing

What you give comes back, and your goal is to give more than you gain. It is simple. Seek to provide more value to others you care about by seeing what they need, and helping them achieve it. We have an abundance of love and unlimited capacity to care and connect. There is no cost to creating this connection, and the support we do give is so unique and special that it can disproportionally impact another’s life.

As a consequence for having a true intent to help others, you also can achieve personal ambitions. Do the right thing, as it is and always will be, the right thing.

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