Eating crow is the humble pie, the grind, the dirt of your craft. It isn’t glamorous but it is what you did to get where you are today. It is also a craft that you improve upon through repetition and experience. It is necessary for this work to be done, and while we may hire ‘the next up and coming you’ to execute this work — sometimes, it is you.

Being required to do this work is a fact of life. This should not cause you to tear down an institution or jump ship from an organization. Doing this type of work, when it is required, requires seeing the bigger picture. 

There is a reason that the most loved leaders and successful business CEOs are the same ones who will equally help on the manufacturing line on the holidays, as the one who will fly around the globe to help sales teams win deals. 

These individuals, these leaders, are doing the job that other’s were hired to do. Yet, the grind and detail work must always be done and as you become more of the leader, you must always appreciate and embrace these activities.

Best product possible

To deliver the best experience to our customers requires the entire experience to be a complete package. That means from the social engagement to the physical product, to the phone number attendant that answers off the google maps search, and the certainly the product delivering on the promised benefit.

The details are what bring the best product possible forward. How we execute everywhere across the business is the barometer to the impact we will have in the market. Thus the tremendous importance of the crow work. The “menial” tasks that carry the entire product experience forward. It is up to the leaders and established culture to drive this mantra across the organization. If everyone focuses on supporting each other, building each other up, and maintaining an absolute level of attention to experience and quality — success is the prize.

No matter your level in your business, don’t be too fancy to help. If you see something that you can immediately improve and help — do it. Immediately and without second thoughts. We aren’t looking for accolades for doing the “right thing”, because that is our personal standard. Don’t seek the accolades but embody the traits, culture, and spirit you wish to pass through to your customer experience.

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