Sometimes positivity and seeing the good is just hard. I and others struggle when fortune just turns bad or when we deal with evil people, to remain positive. I wanted to address this …

Having a good mindset, framing your focus towards the good and possible is definitely disproportionally the best strategy to win forever. That doesn’t mean that in brief moments that we need to just recognize a moment for what it is — not always good.

No false positive vibes

We can’t be in the business of blowing sunshine and rainbows nonstop. That isn’t what a healthy mindset is, in fact. I’d argue that we need to be strong in some rather difficult moments. Being positive falsely is faking it, covering it up, and simply being naive to the current truth.

Family gets sick, people die, you lose your job, kids break legs, your vacation gets wrecked because a hurricane came to town, on and on … This sums up just some of what I saw last year. I didn’t try and paint a picture of “everything is good” to my daughter, to others, or any other false perspectives. How could I, this hurts. You can’t fix it, you can’t do anything but see if for what it is — a disappointing moment.

Be true

To overcome and manage through these difficult challenges, we need to accept what has happened. We need to be empathetic to those impacted, and then we need to heal. That may mean something different for you, but it absolutely involves moving on.

WE must not dwell. WE must not simmer and roll around in the negativity of the event. We must allow our soul, heart, and mind to recover, but then … MOVE ON.

Be true to your emotions. Know they are valid. Then MOVE ON.

Moving on

You must. To do so it requires us to be empathetic to us and those impacted by the negative event. Then, begin to see a path forward. Here is how I and others made it through tough times recently.

How you frame your identity matters. Your job doesn’t define your worth, your work defines your worth.

You are so much more

If there is one amazing lesson that comes from the hardest moments, it is that you realize that you are so much more than you had originally defined. This depth that you recognize is grown in these moments, and your strengths and truths become crisper. The challenge is to respect the moment, be true to the moment, and then … give yourself a break. Allow yourself to reflect, grow, and change.

Most importantly, stay in motion..

(This is part of a larger expanded personal search into the topic of death, loss, job loss, and identity. You can find the expanded pieces on Medium)

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