It’s really that simple. When you aren’t over communicating, daily, and honestly things break apart. I have seen this truth in personal relations, professional relations, and in business ventures.

You can avoid these painful moments by keeping the following truths at the top of your mind:

  1. Communicate **why** often together — why are you together; why is that tenant using your space; why do they like the area / this place / you … 
  2. Share the how — this is what you are doing for each other. The execution behind the what. People aren’t asking or needing us to audit our behaviors, but sharing how we are working to achieve what we desire is crucial
  3. Often — that could be daily, weekly, but no further than monthly. If it matters to you, you need to have higher frequency and touch than less.
  4. Create frameworks for truth to emerge — Being honest is hard. It can cause people to be defensive and others to shy away based on personalities. So, find ways to allow truth to come through (journals, walks, videos, etc…)

Some relationships are bad and deserve to end, but the sooner this truth is seen and acted upon — the better for everyone.

I used to look at these moments as failures, but no longer. They simply show how people and parties can grow together and apart. It all hurts and is no fun in the moment, but you continue to grow. It is in these moments within relationships and growth where all of life exists. It is here where we must grab life and savor it.

Loss, love, growth, and shared moments make each of us stronger and happier. Unfortunately, though, sometimes it exists through pain and hardship too.

I wish you all the relationships and discussions, they magnify the quality of life you will live.

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