An approach to eliminate regret and doubt

A basic beginning to every question. There is curiosity in it though for how we view our actions and impact. One can look at it from the lens of questioning and subsequently suggest and thus establish an eventual disruptive element of doubt. These seeds of doubt are our perception.

Doubt in your actions, doubt in your decisions of the past, and that ultimately lead to the fixation on regret. This is not necessary or the ultimate final truth. In fact, it is completely and always our ability to change these to something beneficial and powerful.

The ability for you to change your view on events; our emotions against such events, and ultimately how we behave moving forward is the blessing of being human. Our mind provides that distinction. Our mind creates the advantage for us.

Seeds of doubt are our perception, and choice

You are the factor here. When you look backwards, do so with appreciation for the events as they were themselves. Lessons are grand, but you building confidence and strength are more important. Lessons will come as you build.

What is right, wrong, my purpose, my love, my hope, or my path are to be answered in the present moment. Never in hindsight and certainly not forward. We cannot impact the past and our future selves will be building on the momentum from today. To achieve our greatest self and to truly look back with satisfaction, simply build on your present opportunities and passions against every ‘what is’.

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