No matter what you’re trying to achieve…

  • If it is a new skill,
  • If it is creating a piece of technology,
  • Maybe making the most amazing resume
  • If you’re trying to learn how to make a landing page for your website,
  • Trying to design a homepage for your product
  • Maybe even creating a new interface in your app on the iOS store so that you can now connect with your consumers.
  • Or maybe you’re trying to create a retail or consumer facing experience in a community and you want to attract and create a great atmosphere.

There are a couple of core fundamentals that you can adopt in order to have a higher rate of success. And this is based off of many successful entrepreneurs in many different starting companies. These fundamentals are super effective when we are building and launching new products.

Essential Fundamentals

1 — Research and mimic

So number one, we have to research and find those that are most successful.No matter what you are doing, you have to do deep research and open your eyes and find who is doing it well. Now, if you are making a brand new product or experience that does not exist anywhere in the world, anything like it, that’s amazing. But certainly there must be something that will inspire you or has similar attributes that would feed your idea and do better.

A lot of times in design, for instance, we look at nature and we look at how nature has put things together, whether it’s flowers or trees and then insects and bugs and mammals and all these other things around nature. Even thermodynamics and weather. All of these have an interplay that can be reflected and adopted into human creativity.

Always seek out examples, lessons, and proven successful

2 — Practice and experiment

Number two, practice and experiment. Now, this has been used in many different phrases. Facebook built a very successful multi billion dollar business with the fail fast mantra. Startups like Uber and others similar, right? The concept they drove with these mantras was a culture and a behavior of practice and experiment. Meaning you’re learning from others. You’re doing the actions or the work and then you are testing to see how it performs.

It is that testing which is so important in step two. You must see how what you have put together is delivering results and by doing that you then can iterate. You might find, as I have found, that unexpected creative products win and expected ones don’t. For example I have in the past deployed 10 to 20 pieces of art / a concept and all of them fail, all of the win, and sometimes only one or two do. This experimenting and testing exposes what is valuable to my audience and the consumer. As a result it allows me to challenge and improve the core premise. I can then again experiment and again through a new iteration building on the lessons learned.

Don’t hypothesize, don’t think about it, don’t ponder. Put down the ideas, practice it in real life. Experiment meaning get the results and then move forward learning from those results. WHO ARE YOU so bold to predict what will work, let the world speak with their actions, and you will have an impact.

3 — Collaborate

Finally, one thing that I see that most people are not taking advantage of is hunting down people who are trying to do the same thing as you and collaborating. There is nothing better than getting together with those who have similar passions where you can feed each other. It is a win-win if you collaborate and life is frankly more fun with partners!

Examples of where you see this, if people are trying to build their social media brands, they get two people together and they build on top of each other’s audiences and get to scale. This is also true in every industry and every purpose including — the restaurant industry, within the technology industry, within charity organizations. It applies everywhere, so hunt down those that are trying to do the same thing.

Now the doing the same thing might be the same technology. It might be the same space. It might be have the same purpose. Maybe you’re both trying to raise money for a specific charity, collaborate together. Source, partner, and build from there.

Apply, iterate, and grow to give value

These are the three key activities that you can adopt to achieve success in any practice.

  • Number one, we want to research and mimic those that are most successful.
  • Number two, you want to practice and experiment. Learn from these experiments and let the market and a community respond and then react to those responses.
  • Number three, collaborate. Hunt down those that share the same purpose or share the same space and build together.

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