• Celebrate yourself
  • What is important
  • The pleasure it brings
  • Your gratitude for it

Do you know what is important in your life, and why? This isn’t a trick question .. it could be your profession, a part of it, the family, or something as acute as shooting baskets. For me, I thought it worthwhile to articulate a few concisely below, more to share and inspire than to instruct or steer.

My daughter

She has opened my eyes to beauty, simple things, the process vs the destination, and I am forever a better human because of her in my life.


Technology is my vehicle, my medium for creating and building. I love discovering code / gadgets / gear and making them dance to my dreams. Literally it is magic in my mind, and I am grateful for living in this period of time.


I love to document and share nuggets of ideas. Typically this is in written form, but sometimes and patiently it is becoming more in video. I am grateful for this bug, even if it is just for my enjoyment.

Emotional Intelligence

This is something I am grateful for but also something I haven’t honored. Intuition and confidence make this an unstoppable force, and is something I am seeking out.


I am grateful that I have always enjoyed being active and pursuing experiences using my body in the world. I am grateful however for the people, experiences, and journey that I have been fortunate to experience because of fitness.

In the end…

Some of my greatest pleasures and most important treasures were my own doing, and others were ones I was given. In the end though, it is what I do with these gifts that matters.

Reflect, appreciate, embrace, and nurture what is important

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