How many of us have habits we wish to break? Those may be a hesitation to make that call to the girl, potential new prospect, or to change a life canceling habit. Here is a proven and rapid way to radically enhance your life, step by step.

Life canceling .. ahh yes I made that up, let me give examples:

  • Watching TV … yes mindless TV, average person watches 2 hours a day = 28 DAYS a year (lost forever, horrific when you think about it)
  • External bad habits – smoking, excessive drinking, finding “busy work” (which yes can be vacillating and planning your big dream – job, project, book, play, life, business, app that never is realized)
  • Internal bad habits – questioning yourself, negativity, not giving yourself the benefit, and poor framing of situations

Ok … so here is what you need to do NOW to take action:

  1. Write down what you want to do (the behavior you want to change – perhaps it is “make that sales call”):
  2. Write down the PAIN you’ll experience in life if you don’t make it – be brutal but level
    1. ex: Poor, lose house, starve, have to say no to important occasions with family, etc …
  3. Write down the good you’ll experience when you have done it

That is it … keep these tight and simple and focused. Write down daily what behavior you want to do for the next 21 days and do it consistently, then move on to the next one. Why 21, well because by then it’ll be a consistent habit and we have more fish to fry.┬áIf you have time, check out Anthony Robbins book that dives into this topic.

Build your best self, intentionally.


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