Goals, books, checklists, and endless endless lists … that is common for people seeking to maximize their potential. Your habits here will lead you to accomplishing and realizing these BHAG. (Big hairy audacious goals).

Driving your own success depends on critically focusing on what you are seeking and then the means to accomplish it. One cannot say – I want a successful business / job / marriage, without first … building that business brick by brick …. bettering yourself and your colleagues in your job…. or finding perhaps a spouse first to make that amazing marriage!

So … keep it simple – write down your TARGETS (the ends) in a list and all the means you can include … then regroup them in 2 columns – the MEANS and the ENDS … now draw lines connecting the two. Any missing? Any needing more MEANS to that end?

Great .. now that you are all set – let’s write out TODAY’s top 5 activities to begin moving that MEANS duty. Here is a quick example:

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