Make the content you want

You look at what is trending and you think — I can do that too. Maybe you are on LinkedIN and someone shares a valuable video, and you think YES. I can do that. Sadly, you don’t make it… or worse you do and after creating it realize it isn’t you.

You have wasted not only your time, talent, and if you share it — an imposter of WHO you really are inside. Pretty terrible, right?

The secret I have found countless times after working with some of the best is elegantly and satisfyingly simple. Make what YOU want to make.

Let’s break it down to leave no doubts:

  • Make content that you gives you JOY talking about / sharing
  • Make content in a WAY you like to communicate (text, image, video, audio)
  • Deliver it from a position of SERVICE to the listener (if you create and publish; you are giving it to the world, and not you)

Don’t throw garbage on the wall and hope

If you want to have an impact or create change with your content you cannot just be insensitive to what will benefit others. There are two schools of thought here.

The first is — Ford, Tesla, and others didn’t “listen” to consumers. They made what they saw was needed. This is a path that is massively successful, but demands 2 character traits. The first is immense patience and confidence. You are making something that is unproven and that is EXCITING. The second is it allows you to experiment and create entire new content spaces!

The second is you do research and see what OTHERS are talking about on your topic. You look how they are framing it (the winners of course). You study the copy, image, video, and format. This gives you proof of what HAS worked. Now you can innovate with your insights, with greater sensitivity.

Digging a little deeper on number two. I LOVE to then dive into the comments of these content pieces. Look at the questions. Look at the commentary. I use THEIR words in my content pieces. They are literally asking for help — might as well answer them in your piece!

Confidence and Free from Judgement

I need this one, as I constantly think and compare what I make to others in the world (which is incredibly unfair to myself). So make content knowing that you are giving your BEST in this MOMENT in time. You can always change your mind. You can always learn more and enhance your thinking. You can also be WRONG too. It’s fine, but to not release anything at all for these fears is the worst crime.

You have ideas that matter. If ONE person benefits, your work has mattered.

Not GHOSTING your own content and instead — PROMOTING your content

Finally, if you create but never share your creation and INVITE family/friends to enjoy it. Did it ever happen?

I definitely write and ghost my own content. I do this as some began as a journal/diary. They are raw and sensitive to the pain in the moment. Being fired, furloughs, divorce, and fears. I also write about the joys, successes, biz ventures, and incredible relationships. I have learned that it is a crime to hide such content. In fact, those raw pieces have received the most direct texts of thanks then anything else I create.

Promote it!

Finally, promote it. Reference it. Highlight it. Even pay for it to get attention.

It is your work, be proud, and do it in the moment. If you wait 4 months/days/weeks to share a piece of content you (I have) will think “nah I don’t believe this today”. True, your self in the past did. Respect her / him, and give to the world.

Get to it….

About the author

  • Coach, Mentor, 3x author
  • 24 Year technology executive
  • Helped launch clouds for EMC and Cisco
  • GOOGLE, Microsoft FEDRAMP & ISO 27001 — Oversaw / Part of team deploying / Managed Cloud Compliance

James — executive to deliver products to market; author; inventor; speaker, and technologist with decades of experience across all technology and cybersecurity. (LinkedIN to connect and engage)

James is a leader that has balanced product market success with rapid regulations, cyber, customer demands, and supplier challenges at Honeywell, Google, and Microsoft in the recent past. Successful in building large teams and influence driven initiatives that have saved millions in new revenue and savings for Honeywell. Passionate about the product creation process; the value of intertwining privacy and quality together, and the opportunity present through branding and value.

James leads with the Senior Leadership across the globe and partners for critical priorities at Honeywell to identify new innovation opportunities through strategy and practical implementations within the Azure cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and industrial products.

James has successfully grown from zero to $50MM business and brands as a founder, owner, and within the Fortune 200. A track record built with wins and losses, that are always building on his network across the globe with the best technologists and great peers to bring the best talent and resources to each project.

James began transforming the Honeywell supply chain strategy that have delivered efficiencies (reduction of idea to signature) and pragmatic development of partnerships that have expanded our market offerings across Honeywell.

James’ continues to lead and advise on their cloud strategy, cloud innovation, cost consolidation, cyber security, and compliance across the various businesses within Honeywell.

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