A transformation of needs, market demands, and general health considerations has put pressure on cybersecurity and privacy. What changes do you see possible as a result as compared to Before Quarantine vs After Quarantine 

Cybersecurity benefit demands in the human space

We are going to see more technology and more demand around cybersecurity, but we’re going to see an alteration in privacy. There is an emergence of expectations for products, those we develop digitally and physically in community spaces, to not only be resilient to cyberattacks, but to actually protect the human user. Self care of the user is going to be an emerging dimension for cybersecurity professionals, the products we deliver to the market, and the associated services.

To achieve this protection, the user or the community demands a transition in privacy expectations as a result of COVID today, and seems certainly reasonable to be reinforced by future events. Examples of the services that exist, that prior to COVID would have been heavily resisted, include tracing of infected parties; broad temperature testing in public spaces, and at scale monitoring of health indicators of entire populations in owned spaces. Personal health and bio-health indicators are the kinds of privacy elements I feel are going to be reframed.

Cybersecurity a leader in digital, services, and beyond code quality

Cybersecurity today has a responsibility around creating products that are resilient to cyber attacks and are built with good quality code. That was yesterday (BQ, before quarantine), tomorrow cybersecurity is going to have the aspect of protecting the population that’s around their products. And I think that’s going to be an interesting trend. cybersecurity expanding from the digital realm, protecting the technology/product that was built as a feature and instead has an additional element for the human or humans involved.

How do you believe market demands and execution around cybersecurity will evolve BQ vs AQ?

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