One of the biggest questions I have struggled with personally is around what I share with the world, what I do, and knowing what is the best investment of my time.

In fact, as I have worked in launching companies these past 15 years and helping others grow through online digital content, it appears to be an everyone problem and not a ‘me’ challenge.

Do you struggle with knowing what content to share?

How do you know what to share online to reach the best customers, and have the biggest impact? Impact for some may be engagement, subscribers on youtube, and achieving a lifetime impact in an area such as Pediatric Brain Tumors.

This is natural, for many reasons but let’s simply leave it at this — we must learn to share and communicate using these digital platforms. It is how we will reach people in our neighborhood equally as well as how we will reach potential customers around the world.

Creating content that is centered on your passions is the right content

Type of content you can create

There are only a few types of content that can be created, and they can be summed up as follows:

  • Mood Changing — these are the sites that are poetry, memes that make you laugh, etc .. they the comedians, the romance novels, and the drama of online
  • Aspirational — These are more the models, rockstars, athlete, dramatic life struggle, and self mades… These used to be movie actors / stars who role played the same, but now the original characters are now famous due to the connectivity we all share together.
  • Make Changes — This is more of the professor type of content. Subject matter experts sharing their research, ideas, and speaking / writing on a topic that they love. These benefit those looking for a specific tactical explanation or insight into their larger pursuit. These tend to be used for slices of content — such as comparing 2 different camera lenses or a study on HRV with PTSD.
  • Be better at a Craft — This content is far beyond tutorial and how-tos, which are important, but include the mindset, process, and every aspect of that craft. Thanks to the billions of people connected online, there is definitely a passionate community that is somewhere on the arc of your journey too. These are the business gurus, the fitness coaches, the camera guys, wood working, the influencers (yes influencers showing how others can be influencers).

The beauty of this list is — you can see where the type of content you or I want to create belongs. If you have this insight you then can drive value and move swiftly into producing and delivering content. No more guessing — there is your answer.

Questions for reflection

When I create content I challenge myself with the following questions. I do this regularly and sometimes I find I am being to thoughtful and others just grinding out too much content. The journey is us constantly finding balance, and then producing. Let your customers and the market communicate what they love.

What is valuable?

What does your market need or value?

Are you listening?

Is what you can / are /will /want to produce something you LOVE and are DEEP in?

It is not enough that you see something that’ll work, if you don’t love it. Love and passion are what keep you typing, recording, and publishing when the glow has passed. When the subscriber count is still at 5 and you have spent 100s of hours in publishing. You and I also need to be DEEP and knowledgable in an area — to share we must share quality. 

Now, a pivot on being DEEP is to share your journey. Share learning to be a real estate agent, learning to be a marketing agent, learning to be a coach, etc… The journey and evolution will be more natural if you share it, and you have no worry about ‘imposter syndrome’.

Produce in the end

If you want, you need to produce it. It needs to be delivered. This doesn’t mean quality and spit and polish. This means you ACTUALLY have to — PUBLISH IT and push traffic to it.

Then, consume the metrics and comments. These will help you learn and grow.

Now go on!

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