These are the emotional triggers that connect us to anticipatory moments and events. Powerful, raw, and such a good emotion that we seek these out. In a world where there are plenty of surprises that are not fun (that letter we received was actually a bill instead of a birthday card… or that meeting with a team member actually was us being fired), these pure experiences are great.

The Big Reveal

You know that moment … the seconds before you head downstairs on Christmas morning. The time you get a REAL card in the mail and have it in your hands for a few extra minutes before you open it. Or maybe that family vacation.

That anticipation, emotional journey, and time right up to the big reveal has a magical place in our world today. The power of anticipation is super powerful and massively good.

To the point that now people are manifesting these ‘big reveals’ in other aspects of life.

  • Boy or Girl baby reveal events are now a thing!
  • Brand release parties for the company

What does this mean for you and your business

Create experiences, episodic, journeys, and these anticipatory build-ups. Do so though with absolute certainty that you meet that emotional build-up. Meaning, don’t sell false goods.

  • Christmas is a build up to the presents — and yes, those presents are there Christmas morning
  • Baby Reveals — they really do reveal the sex of the baby
  • Disneyland — yes, really does have Disney characters when you get there and yes they are THE REAL characters in image and behavior alike

Let’s break this down …

Create experiences that are episodic — meaning create a step by step reveal to the main event and or product. These need to be predictable and a cadence that is expected.

Build-ups to good — each moment should be a discovery and positive to the product. Note we are building to the actual delivery of the service itself. We need to bring our customers to the final product.

Deliver on what you promise — the end product and service must match to what we describe, seems obvious but not always the truth. 

Self reflection — how is your business built

When you receive a text message from your boss — are you excited or fearful?

When you receive a letter from ___ — are you excited or fearful?

When you make a purchase with Amazon / Target / REI — are you excited through the process, if not where … and how can it be fixed? 

See how you feel when you see a text message notification from a specific person — is it joy, hopeful, and excitement? … or is it dread. This emotional reaction in your gut and heart is a SIGN TO ACT. We need more joy and if we can change relationships and these associations we must do so for our health and success.

For those of us who are working through hard projects, on big goals, sifting through micro losses, and tough personalities … these negative reactions will exist for a period, but this cannot and should not be normal. Follow your gut. Create these joyful anticipatory experiences for yourself, your clients, and in your business. Remove those that create the opposite, one at a time. Micro changes to avoid a macro loss.

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