What does it take for you take action?

How do you do the things you want to do or know you should do?

What motivates you?

This is something that we all struggle with. We KNOW what the right thing to do is at this moment. We KNOW what can achieve our ambitions. We see the path, but at thousands of points in our day we either act or don’t act, and it’s a curiosity. What can you and I do get our first step or next step on the path to achieve our dreams?

THAT is the core of the three habits shared below based on my research and personal lessons — let’s do the things we are meant to do.

Nature / Nurture

When you speak to high performers, they refer to the grind, having self awareness, and being comfortable in their own skin. In all of these statements and their behaviors, each of them clearly has a practice and a method in order to get themselves to act in the direction that will lead to the results that they seek. Is this a raised behavior or is this how they were born. This matters simply because it confirms whether we all can have an impact.

Truthfully, some individuals are great and effective because how they were raised, but that isn’t the deciding factor. In fact — everyone can learn to take action, produce, and have an impact. Even RE-learn and undo old behaviors, thereby demonstrating that this capability is available to anyone at anytime.

The unlock centers on what you habitually do daily. This is the learned behavior that can be taught early from parents, or self taught by us who greatly desire to bring value to the world.

Be relieved — you are fully capable of achieving your dreams

What leads to action

What leads to action? How do you get yourself to do what you know will lead you to the results you want? Here are a couple of things I think about. The first is, are you taking an action for somebody else? Are you framing this in a way where you are accountable to someone else? If so, who is that? How are you going to do that and why?

Being accountable to someone, having them depend upon you is akin to a partnership and relationship that is extremely effective.

If you think about your children and your effort to get to a place to either meet them, picked them up, climb a wall, go to work, or put food on the table you are motivated and despite any possible delays

Another example is when you agree to meet at 5am to meet a friend to workout. No matter how hard it is to wake up, you sit there thinking of them and not wanting to disappoint them. The accountability is powerful and helps you win and stick to the work you defined when it was easy (the night before) vs when it was hard (at 4:30am with warm sheets and a comfortable bed).

Establishing accountability — either with a friend, hiring someone to keep you accountable (coach, mentor), or public commitments all work. You just need to see which ones work for you.

Number two is, doing it to learn.

If you are trying to…

  • build a business,
  • learn a new craft
  • working to develop something for yourself
  • develop something for another

— For what purpose are you working on? By LEARNing we are able to remove all fear and unlock speed. This benefit is realized because we grant ourselves permission to make mistakes.

Learning for yourself, for another, and to grow in your skills is a powerful engine for productivity.

Number three, the third habit to help you enable yourself into taking action centers on why you are doing these behaviors? Can you frame yourself in a way that is the joy in and of itself and that you are literally happiest in the process itself? Such a mindset and daily experience of writing, working, creating, and beyond become reflections of your own truth.

Your truth is doing what you love, and the motivation is from your core — it is what you love.

Dothe skills and take the actions simply for the joy itself. The greatest engine for success and productivity, and one that is found in those who are truly living their daily lives as their authentic selves.

Embrace the method that gets you to act

Seize these three habits to take action towards your goals, ambitions, and dreams. Only through your action can you bring your minds eye and heart to a place where the world can benefit.

Personally for me, one of my top two ambitions is continuing to coach individuals and second open a hospital in Rwanda by fundraising and sponsorships. You have to act if you don’t act. These are just ideas without realization.

Ideas and thoughts do not change the world without you taking action and helping these ideas reach their absolute potential. So please, find the hack that works for you.

Be Accountable to someone else.

Do it to learn or

do it because you have joy in the skills itself.

Do this and you’ll be your best self.

Have an amazing day.

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