How I perform better with and without you

I struggle to do work alone in a vacuum without peers and a team. In fact, I find when I do work together with someone else we do far better and faster work. This has proven itself to me as an athletic coach and for a mentor to others. When we work together, are peered together, and share a goal that we are chasing together — we do better as a unit.

We need to perform solo

Counterpoint — It’s true, you do need to self motivate. You do need to be disciplined to put in the work when no one is around. You are the only one who can choose between writing that last paragraph; adding that finishing touch to the product, or to spend an extra fifteen minutes working on your joints and muscles. How can you do this with all the distractions and challenge?

Here are my insights that I believe can help you tap your potential:

  1. Enjoy the process — literally, find ways to work and create in a pleasant manner
  2. Meet your self — Don’t try to match a standard or pop culture way of working, find your best way and build from there
  3. Solo and Together — Creating and working is a process built with others, find ways to win together

When I enjoy the process, the experience, and the space it is easy to embrace the work.

You should seek out that energy that supports your ambitions today, and incorporate it in your life. Then it isn’t “work” it is a passion and hobby.

Better together

Team work. You go; I go. One table two minds. Sharing a vision. Executing and working together to achieve the result in the end.

You have to trust your team. You need to extend them empathy for their lives and the challenges they encounter. As you work together, appreciate they had a different road up this moment and therefore see things differently. If you focus on the person, focus on the process, and then work together to get to the results … good things are possible.

Self reflection and personal struggle

I want to work with teams, but I also love to create in a personal flow. 

Is it confidence or is it the fear of exposing my weaknesses and vulnerabilities to others that keeps us from not? Taking time to see how I work, how I succeed, and how I don’t are as important as the results. For as we improve the process and the human element, we have the potential to improve the output together.

I continue to depend on teams and individuals around the world, to both see growth and achieve our ambitions. Team work is a powerful multiplier for impact, and I continue to challenge myself in this area to find ways to tap into it and grow.

Building your flow

To achieve your greatest creative potential for all endeavors — work, crafts, passions, and hobbies you need to first allow yourself permission to start creating. 

Don’t be fancy

It isn’t about the tools or equipment. A napkin works as well as a leather bound notebook to capture ideas. A coffee shop stool is just as productive as a fancy office with glass doors. 

Start just start


Give yourself permission to make space, time, and gaps to be productive and creative. You’ll be surprised how creative you become if you equally set time to be productive AND set time to not.

Turn the phone off

Work and then don’t

Dream and then create

Build trust with your team

We must deliver on our promises. We must hit the mark, and creatively achieve better results from our time. As you tackle tougher and tougher challenges, you’ll be depended upon for more than grinding work and more for better thinking.

Better thinking means you achieve the needs today with a vision and duty to the future

You do the right thing because it is the right thing, not because it was asked but because you, at a macro, know it to be true

Cherish the blank canvas, the start, and the journey itself as much as the completed piece. The anticipation of what is to be revealed is the joy of every creator, and the journey the prize for every one passionate.

I can’t wait to see what you create!

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