Leadership notes from life

Over the past decades I have led amazing teams and been under the leadership of some fairly exceptional and rare leaders. In every case I have learned and together we have achieved some pretty meaningful results.

Strategy is having the vision of where we need to go with appreciation that the execution and details may demand different attention and skills. As I pull together teams, I look at the humans first. 

Are they kind; will they build each other up; will I be able to give them value and meaningful experiences?

Yes, it is all about them and their interplay.

Consistency — how can I create trust and a rhythm. That is so huge it is hard to say any crisper. You as the leader create these cadences. This doesn’t mean hours of meetings, it means predictable frameworks for work, feedback, collaboration, and improvement.

Intensity — it is a race. It is a sprint. It is a competition. IN truth it is … but it is also a marathon. Being the leader you must drive urgency and effectiveness to getting the results, but with a sense that the team must survive the current project. 

Finally … as a leader you need to create a safe place for your team to fail. Fail smartly and reward these efforts. If you do this .. you’ll leap forward in ideas and richness between your team and customers. Fail, improve, reward, and repeat the cycle.

How do you lead?

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