Please don’t make the world wait too long

For what you can bring to it, what you can share, what you might create soon, what you might write, or what you might say. 

I myself, and many people that I speak to, seem to be waiting for the perfect moment. Waiting for their website to be ready, or waiting for their YouTube channel to be done. Waiting till they have the best template. Waiting till they have an audience. Waiting till they have decided what they want to do in life. Waiting to decide what they want to write about.

What if we don’t have tomorrow

In this waiting the world is without you. The world is without the benefit you can bring, the ideas you can share, and the beauty you can bring to the world. So please don’t make the world wait. Whatever you’re working on, whatever you see, put it together. Share it. 

We always can improve it, there is always the next possibility. As an example … a good friend of mine wants to open a coffee shop … but has been hesitating for the past six months. Is the logo just right; is the name right; what about the sourcing; etc … Stop the hesitation. If the idea is sound and you have the skills to execute — go for it. Wandering and dreaming will serve no one. Don’t spend much time on the logo and the brand. Put it together. You can always improve it. You can always update it. 

If you want to act, act. Record videos. Make yourself known. If you have something, you’ve experienced something, share it


I promise you, there is somebody else in the world who has yet to have that challenge or experience. I guarantee that if they read; saw your book; your painting; your play, or experienced the community that you build in your business with your team, that their life would be better

They would build on top of what you taught them, and the world would be that much better. It’s not selfish to publish. It’s not vain to share what you do and how you do it. It’s in fact the opposite, it’s selfish to not share your unique process.

In the end you’re doing it for yourself; to enjoy your passion, and absolutely the world also benefits. But nothing grows and nobody benefits if you wait till tomorrow.

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